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Denis Getsios, Wissam El-Hadi, Ingrid Caro, Jaime J Caro. Pharmacological management of overactive bladder: a systematic and critical review of published economic evaluations. Pharmacoeconomics. 2005;23(10):995-1006.

Laurent Coudeville, Catherine Chevat, Denis Getsios, Jaime J Caro, Jorgen Moller, Van H Nguyen, Judy A O'Brien, Ingrid Caro, Wissam El-Hadi. Routine Adolescent Vaccination with Menactra in the US: Impact on Disease and Costs. 45th ICAAC Meeting Washington, DC, December 16-19, 2005


Lebanese newspapers in Canada

Phoenicia News http://www.phoenicianews.com/

Al-Akhbar http://www.alakhbar.ca/


Links to the media coverage of Fairouz two concerts in Montreal:

Founoun newspaper articles

Radio-Canada (written article)

Lapresse - February 14, 2005

Lapresse - February 12, 2005


American University of Beirut website: http://www.aub.edu.lb/

Latest News and Updates   The 2005 Jazz Festival in Montreal

Added some pictures from the 2005 Montreal Jazz Festival. Check the photos section above. Also, I have added links to Lebanese newspapers published in Canada. Check the Links page for these newspapers which you can read online.

Got some news about the Chapter's Launch event in September. There is still no website I can refer you to in order to keep yourself updated with the latest news about the AUB Montreal Chapter committee and its activities.

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